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 What's New Here?

  • EVB 3.5.2 is released to update 2015v word list. (2015-04-01)
  • EVB 3.5.1 is released to bind membership. (2014-02-01)
  • New GRE, SAT, and IELTS essay apps are published. (2014-01-11)
  • EVB 3.3.9 is released with update for Win8.1. (2013-11-30)
  • EVB 3.3.8 is released with new word banks of 2013 fall. (2013-09-30)
  • Affiliated Tutor is alive at this website. It is a great tool for tutors to help and contact more students. (2013-08-02)
  • EVB 3.3.7 is released with new word banks of 2013. (2013-05-17)

 Who Are We and What Do We for You?


iEnglishTest--English Test Practice and Prepare, is powered by Pacific Lava English School, which has focused on how to help learner prepare English tests quickly and effectively. In the past 10 years, Pacific Lava English School insists on offering pure, normal, and graceful content to learners.

In addition, Pacific Lava English School also has developed edge-cutting software and website to support its programs. iEnglishTest combines modern language education theory and information technology, by which Pacific Lava English School offers lots of online services to help learners study more with less time.

If you are looking for online resource to practice TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, or SAT test, luck you, iEnglishTest is exactly what you need.

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